Site characteristics

FaBTest provides a crucial step in the device development process, between tank testing and demonstration deployment.  Our site offers a combination of shelter from prevailing wind and swell direction, enabling the high levels of accessibility to deployed devices required for development at TRL 4-8, yet giving exposure to significant sea states from the E/SE.  Detailed wave and current data will be made available through the secure area of this site to those organisations who apply to deploy at FaBTest.  

Wave climate and accessibility (Hs below 0.6m) at FaBTest over time (2012 data) is shown in the graphs below, along with extrapolated significant wave heights and wave vectors - click images for higher resolution.  A range of data is collected by the University of Exeter which is made available to developers and stakeholders - the data management policy can be downloaded here




Sea bed conditions across the site can be broadly defined by 4 areas as shown below, left:  The bathemetry shown below, right was taken by the University of Exeter's in-house WASSP multibeam sonar scan; Depths vary from 15m on the northern boundary to 50m on the eastern side of the southern boundary.  Typical sebed gradient is 2% - 4%.  Click images for higher resolution.  A full bathymetric, side scan sonar and sub-bottom profile survey of the site was undertaken by Insight Marine Projects Ltd in summer 2014 and the report can be downloaded here